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Convert PDF to Word with this wonderful free tool

Name: Free PDF to Word Converter 1.3

Some of you may find this software incredibly useful, especially if you are working with data and need quick conversion from PDF to DOC.

If you cannot afford to pay for an Adobe subscription, this shareware app should suffice.

Available conversions formats: .doc (Microsoft Word Document) and .rtf (Rich Text Format)

I found this program on, which underlines that supported platforms are: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000. However, I installed it on a Windows 10 64 bit platform and it works just fine.

The last available version is 1.3. Unfortunately the guys who created this tool no longer have an active website, I believe support no longer exists. They most likely got hired for big cash in a multinational company, as it happens with great talents 🙂


1. Adding the PDF file

convert pdf to word add file















2. Result after PDF to Word conversion

convert pdf to word free tool doc result















3. The converted file

doc file resulted from conversion of pdf












NOTE: I uploaded the file on my Google Drive, hope you find it useful. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Download link – Here

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