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Lightshot – the best print-screen tool ever

Are you are sending daily e-mails, working in social media or just need to quickly send information to someone?

I’ve decided to write a bit about Lightshot. This tool is wonderful and it makes my life so much easier.

You can download it within a matter of seconds, the installation kit consumes very few resources, only 2.43 MB.

Once installed, Lightshot takes over the functionality of your print-screen button. When you press the button, you will be able to select an area of your convenience.

Once selected, you gain access to a couple of cool features:

1. The selection can be quickly uploaded to, a link to the file is generated and can be shared instantly.

print screen tool features

2. To emphasize different elements, the app offers rectangles, lines, the pen tool and a text box. You have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

print screen tool

3. Sharing the print-screen content is also available for Facebook, Twitter, VK and Pinterest. Hit the share button and voila!

4. Lightshot allows you to browse for a similar image on Google and also print the selected area.

5. For information you want to store locally, you can save all screenshots in a designated folder.

To exit out of the print-screen area just hit the escape button on your keyboard. I hope you find this useful, for me it’s an awesome tool.

NOTE: Lightshot is available for Windows and MAC OS. Linux users can run it using Wine.

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