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How to monetize your website traffic ?

Initial steps: Purchase a proper domain and choose a relevant name for your business, buy a good hosting plan, write original content and target visitors to your website.

If the information you provide your viewers is well documented and placed in a good niche, you should be able to generate the first dollars in a few months.

Emphasize on creating quality content because this is the path to success. There are no workarounds, only the amount of effort you are willing to dedicate each day will have a say in your progress.

Once you put everything in motion, you may want to promote your website on social media channels to increase your reach. Use Google Analytics or Clicky to track how many users have visited your website, their behavior and click patterns, understand which information is more relevant to them.

Most advertisers seek promotion of their products in tier 1 countries. If you have visitors from these countries (here is a comprehensive list ), your income will increase.

Allright! Let’s say you planned everything and managed to get a few thousand viewers to your website. The next step consists in deciding which type of online advertising you want.

There are 3 main categories and I will underline every aspect so that you can find which one suits you best.

1. Cost-per-mile advertising

This is beneficial for you as a webmaster, but riskier for the advertiser. You get paid for a fixed number of times (every 1000 views) that the advert will be displayed. In your case this is an advantageous solution as you don’t have to worry if your traffic brings any conversion. CPM is usually cheaper than other advertising methods and brings great results in niches such as adult, gambling, dating, gaming. It is a more intrusive form of advertising. It relies on interstitial and pop-up ads which can be annoying to your visitors.

Here are 3 reputed ad networks which pay for CPM traffic. These networks accept both mainstream and adult traffic:

  1. (Minimum withdrawal amount is 10$. You can choose to receive your payments through PayPal, Paxum or Payza)
  2. (Minimum withdrawal is only $5.00 for PayPal and AlertPay. For Wire Transfer it is $500.00)
  3. (Minimum payment is 50$, payment frequency – NET 30 – if you deliver quality traffic this can be negotiated with your account manager)

2. Cost-per-click advertising

This is the default type of advertising used on the Internet. You get paid, every time one of your viewers clicks on an advert posted on your website.

The best solution for CPC advertising is Google Adsense. If you get accepted in their program, you will gain access to many promotion tools, banners of all sizes.

The AdSense payment cycle is monthly. You accrue estimated earnings over the course of a month, and then at the beginning of the following month your earnings are finalized and posted to your balance on your “Transactions” page.

Adsense alternatives worth mentioning:

  1. Infolinks
  3. Adbuff

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is the most preferred method for advertisers. They display ads on your website for free and pay you only when your traffic converts. Forms of affiliate marketing:

CPS – cost-per-sale (a pair of shoes got sold from someone clicking on a banner on your site).
CPA – cost-per-action – (you get paid when someone registers to the advertisers website)
CPI – cost-per-install – (some advertisers offer downloadable products and they pay you everytime one of your visitors installs their application)

Affiliate Marketing Ad Networks: 

  1. Clickbank
  2. Rakuten
  3. Amazon
  4. Adcombo

Conclusion: There is no universal recipe in choosing the right type of online advertising. When you decide to partner with an ad network, always remember to check reviews on the Internet. Use statistics tools such as Similarweb and Alexa to research media companies. Find an ad network with reduced payment cycles and good fill-rate for your traffic.

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